Stop using Whatsapp

Could WhatsApp get me in trouble?

Well yeah. 

> If one of your employees leaves your firm without deleting client correspondence.

> If an employee loses a personal device with unrecoverable, valuable, personal information.

> If two employees offer conflicting advice from personal accounts. 

These are GDPR or regulatory no-nos. 

It's not just WhatsApp that could leave you liable though. Facebook Messenger, Slack, Teams... they all have their pitfalls.

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Yes, I've sent a chat message to a client recently...


Simple explanations

Not quite clear on exactly what GDPR is and how it applies to chat apps. We are gonna fix that real quick! 

Real life examples 

Could I really get caught? We've got real life examples of why you should pay attention to this stuff. 

3 big chat app mistakes

Learn what the 3 most common mistakes are, and how to avoid or correct them so you donโ€™t fall afoul of the law. 

Other resources

 Not all situations are alike so you'll find linked resources in case you want to do a deeper knowledge dive. 

Check you're compliant

It's a minefield out there. We've pared GDPR back to the barebones so you only get the best tips. No time wasting here. 

Reference guides

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